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Confirmed Chaos Mortal rules

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 26, 2008 8:03 pm Post subject: Confirmed Chaos Mortal rules Reply with quote

- Army wide re-roll panic
- Mark of Khorne causes Frenzy, has different effect for Giant
- Mark of Nurgle causes -1 penalty to the WS or BS of a model attacking
- Mark of Slaanesh benefits the unit with Itp, also gives ASF to characters and rare choices
- Mark of Tzeentch gives +1 to ward save (6+ ward to models without one), also +1 to cast for sorcerers
- May be other effects for different units but if there are, they are currently unknown
- Gaze of the Gods table, roll 2D6 for the following:
- Characters roll every time they win a challenge
- Chosen roll once at the start of the game
- Trolls roll every time they successfully regenerate two or more wounds at once
- 2 on the table causes stupidity, 7 does nothing, 11 makes unit fear causing, 12 allows you to roll twice more and take both benefits. The remainder of results are various benefits such as hatred, +1S, +1T, +1M
- Chaos characters may now take Chaos Gifts on top of Magic Items, much like the VC's Vampiric Powers
- NEW Lore of Slaanesh returns virtually unchanged

- new plastic Knights (5 for 17.50EURO)
- new plastic Horsemen (5 for 17.50EURO)
- new plastic War Hounds (10 for 20EURO)
- new metal Chosen with Great Weapons
- new upgrade sprue for Chaos Warriors (direct only) containing GWs, Halberds, and God-specific bits
- new metal heroes:
- Wulfrig the Wanderer
- Sigvald
- Nurgle Sorcerer
- Khorne Champion
- Khorne Lord on Juggernaut
- Undivided Lord on Chaos Steed
- rumoured release of second wave plastic War Shrine kit
- Spearhead is released on October 18th (170EURO) and is now available for pre-order on maelstrom games; contains all the definite models listed above aswell as the army book
- main release for November 1st; battalion will be available with 12 Chaos Warriors, 16 Marauders, 5 Horsemen, 10 Hounds

Special Characters:
- Archaon; 675pts, still has Dorghar, is unhindered by difficult terrain
- Galrauch
- Sigvald; Slaanesh champion with mirror shield, gets distracted by own reflection in shield causing stupidity
- Wulfrig the Wanderer; Marauder character, animal in challenges
- Khornate Daemon Princess character
- "The Lightning God" Shaggoth character; 2nd oldest Shaggoth
- Gerriodur the Troll King; "Lord of the Monstrous horde" rule allowsarmy of monsters

The List:

Chaos Lord
Exalted Sorcerer
Daemon Prince


Exalted Champion
Aspiring Champion


Warriors 15pts
M4 WS5 BS4 S4 T4 W1 I5 A2 Ltd8 AS4+
Marauders NEW
now only 4pts/model basic
Hounds NEW
do not cause panic in rest of the army; may be given either scaly skin or poisoned attacks for 3pts/model
Horsemen 14pts
may now take marks


M7 WS5 BS4 S4 T4 W1 I5 A2 Ltd8 AS1+
Have magic weapon that confers +1S basic; thus making them S5, may be exchanged for a lance; thus making them S6 on the charge but without magical attacks
Chosen Warriors
Forsaken Warriors NEW
M6 WS5 BS4 S4 T4 W1 I5 AD3+1 Ltd8 AS5+
Two Hand Weapons, Frenzy
have Chaos Armour, may now be marked
Dragon Ogres
may now be marked


may now be marked; marks differ
may now be marked; marks differ
Chaos War Shrine NEW
chariot type model, gives benefits much like the Dark Elves' Cauldron of Blood; allows one per turn to roll on the Gods table as one of its benefits; may not be joined by characters, moves and fights as a monster; radius for it's effects is 12" and they work in the shooting phase, the one benefit I know it can give is to allow any unit in range to roll on the Gaze of the Gods table
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